Construct You Blog

The Future Of Skilled Trades

Elis Hoxha


The idea behind Construct You began in mid March 2015 after reading an article which suggested that people in trade industries have the slowest uptake in the use of social media and technology for the benefit of their careers and businesses.

With both my Co-Founder and my family working in skilled trade industries, this naturally led to a discussion about issues they were currently facing. Issues such as; hiring skilled employees, seeking opportunity and business growth.

After extensive research we concluded that conventional solutions such as advertising on Job Boards or Facebook and LinkedIn, tend to become quite costly and didn’t offer a complete solution. So we asked ourselves how can we make it easier? How can we make it cheaper? How do we solve these issues?

We decided to create Construct You; a tailored networking platform where you can connect to tradespeople, businesses and jobs. Our overall mission is to revolutionise the trades industries, becoming the world’s largest industry-based community to create new opportunity for economic growth and personal development.