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Considering employing an apprentice? What you’ll want to know

Luigi Catanese


Employing an apprentice can be extremely beneficial and smart investment for an employer.


Apprenticeships are a flexible way to train a highly skilled and relevant employee by delivering hands on work experience and a nationally recognised training in a specific industry.


Apprenticeships ensure that Australia remains competitive in the trades industry and has a highly skilled workforce.


As an employer, you are entitled to various government incentives when employing an apprentice, and there are a number of benefits.

What are the benefits of employing an apprentice?

·      You can train someone up to the specific requirements of your business.

·      You employ someone who is keen to learn.

·      Apprenticeships can be full time, or part time.

·      You may be eligible for incentives through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program.

·      You develop loyal, motivated workers that you are able to mentor.

What are the incentives when employing an apprentice?

Incentives are based on the age, level of education and location of the apprentice you employ. Financial incentives range from $750-$3000 for each apprentice you hire at you’ll be eligible at various stages of their apprenticeship.  You can find more detailed information on incentives here.

I’ve decided to employ an apprentice, now what?

Consider the role

·      What will the role entail and what field will the apprenticeship be in

·      What skills do they need

·      Do you want a full time or part time apprentice

Find an apprentice


There are several ways to find the right apprentice for your business:


·      Recruit someone you know, maybe a family friend has been recommended to you.

·      Advertise the position online, or on specialist Trades Recruitment websites such as Construct You.

·      Contact your local Group Training Provider – this is a good option if you don’t think you can commit to a full time apprenticeship.


If you are considering adding an apprentice to your team, you can list your vacancy or search for current apprentices or tradespeople looking to start an apprenticeship on Construct You.