A Grade Metro Electricians

Posted 4 years ago

Electrician- Other

Quote or Hourly rate required Melbourne VIC, Australia

  • Project description

    Eco Integrations is a Victorian based company working within the VEET Scheme and we are looking for additional electricians to support our workflow within this program.

    We currently have a number of VEET installations on the go and need the support of electricians. This project involves the straight changeover of old fluorescent Oyster lights to new LED Oyster Lights along with retrofitting fluorescent tube fittings

    We require the following:
    ·A Grade Licence
    ·REC Licence
    ·Photo Identification
    ·Current Police check
    ·Public Liability Insurance cover
    We are uncomplicated and take a simple approach: We do not ask you to take photos, complete paperwork (other than your normal CoES), or IPad programs, or even recycle components!

    We pay above Scheme rates and base our payment on a piece rate.

    We want our electricians to only do what they are best at - the electrical upgrade!

    You will be supported by, and work alongside one of our Upgrade Managers - who do all the other compliance work.

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    Electrician- Other

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    All quotes accepted

  • Open date - Close date

    08/06/2018 to 08/07/2018

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    Individual or Team required

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Project summary

Title A Grade Metro Electricians
Company Eco Integrations
Type Contractor
Contract type Quote or Hourly rate required
Location Melbourne VIC, Australia
Estimate All quotes accepted